Hi, I'm Joel Kaehler

A freelance filmmaker in Seattle, WA




Motion Graphics

Web Design

Cinematography – The Art and Science of Creating Motion Pictures

Directing – Bringing a Vision and Cohesion to a Multifaceted Production

Editing – Sculpting a Story out of Visual Design, Color, Visual Effects and Audio Production

Video Showcase

Professional Cinematography Reel 

Highlight Projects

Live Recording  –  Lucky – Aurora Cover   Erwilian

Music Video  –  Little Blue Bird    Jillian Shelver

Real Estate Video Tour  –  4400 Arriva Way, Silverdale  –  Peter Bradrick

Recruitment Video  –  Environment Control South Sound Needs a Hero  –  Environment Control


Starting as a hobbyist videographer as a teenager I quickly learn to love both the artistic and technical sides of video production. After working as a freelancer for over a year, I got into the Advanced Video Production program at Bellevue College.

The program provided hands on experience working with and under professional videographers and editors, learning to work in a corporate environment producing projects for the City of Bellevue and The College itself.

After graduating in 2017, I got a job working as the in-house videographer and social media producer at Environment Control South Sound. In 2018 I started working as a second shooter for Best Made Videos, shooting weddings, corporate videos, events, and commercials.

In 2020 I was a founding member of Outlander Marketing, a marketing firm that does graphic design, video production, web design, and marketing material.

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